Advanced C# Programming

12 hours of lecture, 5 hours of course work per week

This course is intended for anyone who has some C# knowledge but needs to master the language. This course will provide in-depth knowledge on some of the advanced concepts of C# language such as delegates, multi-threading and more! These topics provide the coding knowledge needed to ace those tough technical system design interviews.

Kal Academy Module

Module 1 : Introduction to Generics

In the first module, you will learn about Generics, its purpose and its existence. You will also learn to write your own generic collection and methods in C#.

1 hour.

Kal Academy Module

Module 2-4 : Delegates and Lambdas

In the next three modules, you will dig deep into understanding delegates, and learn to implement one. You will also learn about anonymous delegates (Lambdas) and see the value it brings to the C# language.

3 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 5-6 : LINQ

In the next 2 modules, you will learn to write several different kind of LINQ queries in C#.

2 hours.

Kal Academy Module

Module 7-8 : Events and Extension Methods

In the next two modules, you will learn to build events in C#. You will also learn about extension methods and its purpose in the language.

2 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 9-12 : Multi-threading

In the last four modules, you will learn all about multi-threading, TPL libraries and learn to build several multi-threaded applications in C#.

4 hours. 

Career Path

Kal Academy C#

This course

This course will make you a master of C# programming at which point you can decide if you want to take this up a notch. 

Kal Academy Microservices

Microservices Programming

At this point you can venture into more advanced C# programming by doing our Microservices Using C# class and build more projects in your portfolio

Kal Academy Bootcamp


Instead of the advanced programming, you can take our Software development bootcamp which will get you ready for an entry level engineer role in 4 months.

Kal Academy Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Before you start applying for jobs, get prepared for those technical interview questions by taking our Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp or the Algorithms course.

I completed the software development – deep stack program and I am so so happy I did! Kal helped me to land my dream job by teaching me valuable, relevant information, practicing interview questions until I was confident, and providing access to various networking events. She is incredibly professional and very knowledgeable about current best practices and tech trends. I use the information taught in the classes almost everyday at work. The classes are fast paced and information-packed.

For anybody trying to get a job while in/after the bootcamp, I would highly recommend attending the events she sends out to the class – this helped me to make a personal connection.

Carleen S.

Software Engineer

I’ve attended Kal Academy for Deep Stack Software Engineering bootcamp program and it was the best decision I’ve made. Kal is an intelligent teacher with a great personality and teaching skills. The program was very affordable and accommodating compare to any other bootcamp I was looking. Some of the projects were challenging but worth it. The data structure and algorithms course was very helpful to prepare me for interviews. Classes were on the weekends and that was very convenient for me. I recently got accepted for Microsoft LEAP program and I wouldn’t be able to do it without Kal Academy. I absolutely recommend Kal Academy to anyone whos looking for affordable and quality program. Thank you Kal for being such a great teacher and role model.

Hayat M.

Software Engineer, Microsoft

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