Introduction to Programming with C#

12 hours of lecture, 5 hours of course work per week

This course is intended for anyone who has not engaged seriously in programming and would like to begin doing that now. This class starts from scratch and introduces you step by step to the fundamentals of programming. It won’t teach you absolutely everything you might need to become a software engineer and work at a software company, but it will lay the groundwork on which you can build up technical knowledge and skills, and through them you will be able to turn programming into your profession. This class aims to provide novice programmers solid foundation of programming regardless of the programming language.
Kal Academy Module

Module 1-3 : Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

In the first three modules, we will get you started with the basics of Object Oriented Programming with some lecture and some code. You will get introduced to data types in C#, control statements, and writing reusable code. Throughout this course, we will build a C# application and add features in every module to light up the application.

3 hours.

Kal Academy Module

Module 4-6 : Classes and Objects

In the next three modules, you will continue to build on the concepts of Object Oriented Programming by creating more classes and instances of those classes. We also turn our attention to efficient memory management in our application. You will understand when and how to use static vs instance members in C#.

3 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 7-9 : Data Structures, Design Patterns and Databases

In the next three modules, you will learn about data structures and will add our first data structure to the application – List. You will also get introduced to software design patterns and will apply one of the patterns to continue building new features to our application. You will get introduced to databases and will learn to hook up our application to SQL server to persist data instead of storing in temporary structure like List.

3 hours.

Kal Academy Module

Module 10-12 : Web Application

In the next three modules, you will learn about MVC design pattern and will learn to build a web application using ASP.NET. You will also learn to write unit test and deploy the application to cloud.

3 hours. 

Career Path

Kal Academy C#

This course

This course will get you started with the basics of programming at which point you can decide if programming is something you are excited about.

Kal Academy Microservices

Advanced Programming

At this point you can venture into more advanced C# programming by doing our Advanced C# Programming class and get ready for technical design interviews.

Kal Academy Bootcamp


Instead of the advanced programming, you can take our Software development bootcamp which will get you ready for an entry level engineer role in 4 months.

Kal Academy Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Before you start applying for jobs, get prepared for those technical interview questions by taking our Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp or the Algorithms course.

I had a long gap in my career and when I decided to get back into the workforce I came to know about Kal Academy from one of my friends. Enrolled for Data Structures and Algorithms course and C# classes. Kalpana is an amazing teacher. By attending her class and doing the assignments gave me great confidence that indeed helped me to clear my technical interviews. I ended up getting a software engineering job at a company I really wanted to work for. I highly recommend this academy.

Sherine T.

Software Engineer

Coming from a non-technical background, I had my own doubts in choosing a Coding school but I am glad I chose Kal Academy over any other coding academy. Kal Academy is a great platform and has taught people the basics of programming and even complex things like coding games and websites and much more. I took the c # and .NET programming course and Kal as a teacher was crisp and clear about the content. At the end of my course, I can say, I do have a good insight of the moving parts in a software development cycle. And the joy you get by building even a tiny working application is like learning to swim on your and taking laps in the Ocean……Of course, there is so much to learn in technology and I know where to go, to fill that gap!!! Academy’s mission is to help the women in tech and at such reasonable price.Highly recommend Kal Academy!

Kayenat S.

Software Engineer

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