Game Programming

12 hours of lecture, 5 hours of course work per week

If you have some programming background and love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course will start you down that path. Making games is a creative and technical art form. In this course you will familiarize yourself with the tools and practices of game development. You will get started developing your own videogames using the industry standard game development tools, including the Unity3D game engine and C#. At the end
of the course you will have completed three hands-on projects and will be able to leverage an array of game development techniques to create your own basic games. This course is for individuals interested in becoming a game designer, game artist, or game programmer.

Kal Academy Module

Module 1 : Introduction to Unity 3D Development

In the first module, you will get your environment ready for game development and get introduced to the Unity platform.

1 hour.

Kal Academy Module

Module 2-3 : Unity Production Basics: Lighting, and Materials

In the next two modules, you will start to build your first game and learn to add materials and lighting to bring life to the characters.

2 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 4-6 : Working with 3D, Physics, and Rigidbody

In the next 2 modules, you will learn the art of 3D, learn to create physics in unity using Rigidbody and Unity Physics Engine.

3 hours.

Kal Academy Module

Module 7-8 : User Input, Animations and Event Systems

In the next two modules, you will learn to add animation to the game based on user input or an event. This will bring your life to game.

2 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 9-11 : Intro to AI, FSMs and Databases

In the next three modules, you will learn to add artificial intelligence to your game and also learn to use Finite State Machines to respond to conditions or inputs. You will also learn to use databases for the game.

3 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 12 : Learn to Debug Your Game

In the last module, you will learn to debug issues in your game.

1 hour. 

Career Path

Kal Academy Game Programming

This course

This course will provide you a hands-on approach to game development while building your portfolio of projects.

Kal Academy C#

Advanced Programming

At this point you can venture into more advanced C# programming by doing our Advanced C# Programming class andget ready for those technical design interviews.

Kal Academy Bootcamp


Instead of the advanced programming, you can take our Software development bootcamp which will get you ready for an entry level engineer role in 4 months.

Kal Academy Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Before you start applying for jobs, get prepared for those technical interview questions by taking our Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp or the Algorithms course.

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Jenny F.

Software Engineer, Microsoft

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