Microservices Using C#

12 hours of lecture, 5 hours of course work per week

This course is intended for anyone who has some C# knowledge but needs to upskill and build projects in their portfolio. This course will provide in-depth knowledge in building distributed systems using microservices architecture. Microservices are an architectural style that promotes the development of complex applications as a suite of small services based on business capabilities. We will develop a distributed system using the microservice architecture and tools such as RabbitMQ service bus, to send messages across the separated services using .NET Core and C#.

Kal Academy Module

Module 1 : Introduction to Microservices Architecture

In the first module, you will learn all about the Microservices architecture, its purpose and the challenges. Throughout this course, we will be building and end to end ecommerce application using this architecture.

1 hour.

Kal Academy Module

Module 2-4 : Learn to Build our First Microservice

In the next three modules, you will learn to build our first microservice to fetch data from a relational database. You will also learn to dockerize these services.

3 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 5-6 : Learn to Build an Identity Microservice

In the next 2 modules, you will learn to build a token microservice that will power authentication and authorization for all our other microservices.

2 hours.

Kal Academy Module

Module 7-8 : Learn to build a Web Frontend

In the next two modules, you will learn to build an ASP.NET core web front end that interacts with the microservices to provide a visual interface for the application.

2 hours. 

Kal Academy Module

Module 9-11 : More Microservices, Messaging and More

In the next three modules, you will learn to build out the rest of the microservices, enable the microservices to interact with each other through messaging and also learn about the logging infrastructure.

3 hours. 

Career Path

Kal Academy Microservices

This course

This course will provide you a hands-on approach to microservices architecture while building your portfolio of projects.

Kal Academy Game Programming

Game Programming

At this point you can venture into game development using C# and Unity by doing our Game Programming class and build more projects for your portfolio.

Kal Academy Bootcamp


Instead of the game programming, you can take our Software development bootcamp which will get you ready for an entry level engineer role in 4 months.

Kal Academy Interview Prep

Interview Prep

Before you start applying for jobs, get prepared for those technical interview questions by taking our Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp or the Algorithms course.

I have accepted the offer with top IT company in the market for my dream job. I would like to thank Kal Academy for helping me throughout my journey. Time since when I moved to Seattle area and after rejection from IT companies I contacted Kal for her guidance and then I took Data Structures and algorithms classes, C#. She is veteran in the tech industry, amazing teacher and slowly increase the level of difficulty as the classes goes by. She is always ready to support you anytime with any type of query.

Gemini J.

Software Engineer, Amazon

I’ve attended several courses from Kal Academy, all of them were very well structured and extremely useful for my professional growth.
Kal has an amazing gift to break down a complicated concept and explain it in a way that easily can be understood.
I also feel that it’s not just a school, it’s more than that. Kal and her sister Aparna sincerely care about you, your progress and they are doing their best to help you to succeed.
I’d highly recommend Kal Academy to everyone who either need to prepare for the interview or just started their journey to learn Computer Science. I recently got a job as a software developer and it happened just because some time ago I discovered Kal Academy!

Julia A.

Software Engineer

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