Learn Coding: Discover These 5 FREE Computer Training Courses!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn coding, but weren’t sure where to start, look no further! Coding may seem intimidating or like a daunting task at first; however, with the right courses and resources, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Here’s a list of five free courses you can take to dip your toe in before committing to a full training schedule.

Introduction: An Overview of the Benefits of Learning to Code and the 5 Best Free Computer Programming Courses


Learning to code can open up a whole world of new possibilities – but it can also be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are many excellent free computer programming courses available online that can help those who are just starting out. These courses offer a great introduction to coding, giving the learner the basics needed to start creating and troubleshooting their own programs.

One of the most popular free computer programming courses is Codecademy’s Introduction to Programming with JavaScript. This course is designed for total beginners and takes an interactive approach, presenting concepts in manageable chunks and helping learners reinforce their understanding as they progress. It covers topics such as variables, functions, objects, loops and conditionals – all of which are essential for anyone who wants to get into coding.

Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science is another great option for newcomers. This course uses Python 3 – one of the most popular languages in use today – and offers an overview of several fundamental concepts such as data structures, algorithms and software engineering principles that are important for any aspiring programmer. The course also includes video tutorials, quizzes and coding challenges that help students test their knowledge as they go along.

For those who prefer more visual learning materials, Code Avengers’ HTML & CSS Course is a great choice. This course has plenty of helpful images and diagrams that illustrate each concept in detail, making it easier for learners to understand them quickly and apply them when developing basic web pages and style sheets. Additionally, this program features lots of fun activities like puzzles and mini-games that keep users engaged while learning important skills related to HTML & CSS programming languages.

Finally, edX’s Introduction to Computer Science Using Python offers an excellent mix of theory and practice for those interested in diving deeper into this field. The course follows a hands-on approach where learners build working programs from scratch while exploring topics like variables, expression evaluation, selection statements and classes over the span of eight weeks. At the end of the program participants should have gained enough experience to design thoughtful computer programs on their own or move onto more advanced courses in computer science or programming languages like Java or C++.

These five free computer programming courses provide an ideal way for beginners to learn coding without breaking their budget. This is a great way to see if computer programming or web design are your thing.


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