Technical Bootcamps: The Right Choice?

Technical Bootcamps

A technical interview is essentially an interview to determine your technical suitability for the position and the depth and breadth of your subject-matter expertise. Technical interviews are also intended to evaluate your capacity for problem-solving, communication, and decision-making under pressure.

The technical interview usually comprises a series of questions or problems that assess your technical skills, abilities, and knowledge. The interviewer will look to see how you think through problems and arrive at solutions.

The Advantage to a Bootcamp

Just as a military bootcamp is designed to get you ready to be a working member of the military in just a few weeks, a technical bootcamp gets you ready to be a member of a coding team in weeks, not years. 

Bootcamps are much easier to update than a college course. Many programmers who’ve gotten four-year degrees have graduated to find that what they learned is already outdated. It only takes a couple of major language updates of new technologies to make a degree in this field useless. 

At Kal Academy, we’re able to update our bootcamp in real-time. If a major release affects the course, you’ll know during the next meeting.

Bootcamps are much less expensive than college, of course. For a month or two’s rent, you can learn all the skills you need for a brand-new career. Many programmers will spend years or decades paying off their student loans.

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At Kal Academy, we offer several bootcamps designed to help you hit the ground running. Here are two of our students’ favorite programs:

Anyone seeking a guided path to becoming an engineer in 4 months and who has zero to little programming experience is the target audience for the Full Stack Web Development bootcamp. By creating useful, real-world applications with Angular and React in this bootcamp, you’ll learn the fundamentals of web development. You’ll learn key web programming concepts with the aid of immersive education that makes use of engineering best practices and peer programming methodologies. In order to make you ready for your next IT career, this bootcamp will also help you prepare for technical interview questions.

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Anyone who has no programming experience at all to some experience and is searching for a guided path to become an engineer in four months is the target audience for this bootcamp. You’ll learn the essentials of C#, Xamarin, and microservices programming in this bootcamp. Immersive education, including the creation of entirely functional applications will be the way you learn to program. In just a few months, you’ll go from knowing nothing to being an employable member of the programming community!

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All of our bootcamps include a virtual interview with an instructor to make sure the course you’re looking at is the one that will teach what you need to know. Since everything is done in small cohorts, there’s lots of time for one-on-one training, as well as classes, meetings, and pre-recorded lessons.

Our bootcamps are only $2500-$3500. Competitors charge $15,000 or more! You save money, get the same or better quality training, and have the same great career prospects. 

Bootcamps are the best way to learn coding, period. Cheaper, faster, and more agile, bootcamps are the answer for modern coding students. Whether you’ve never coded before or you’re an expert seeking to change fields, consider a bootcamp as the way to learn the skills you need. 

We have many courses and bootcamps to help your tech career started. Why wait? Let’s Get Started!

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