The Technical Interview: An Introduction

Decision-making under pressure

A technical interview is essentially an interview to determine your technical suitability for the position and the depth and breadth of your subject-matter expertise. Technical interviews are also intended to evaluate your capacity for problem-solving, communication, and decision-making under pressure.

The technical interview usually comprises a series of questions or problems that assess your technical skills, abilities, and knowledge. The interviewer will look to see how you think through problems and arrive at solutions.

Preparation is key for acing a technical interview. First, review the job description and research the company to get a sense of the technical skills and knowledge required for the role. Then, brush up on your technical skills and knowledge. Finally, practice solving technical problems out loud. This will help you get more comfortable discussing your thought process and explaining your solutions.

The easiest way to get prepared for technical interviews is to join our bootcamp, Technical Interview Prep Bootcamp. We take you through how to solve problems, how to answer questions, and how to ace the interview.

You learn to work under pressure, which is usually the biggest stumbling block to success in the interview. Applicants who might otherwise know the answers choke when they’re being tested on a problem for the first time since school. We also teach you how to problem solve quickly so you can be successful with the interview, get the job, and earn an excellent salary. 

Learn more about the bootcamp here:

Technical interviews can be daunting, but with proper preparation, you can ace them and land the job you want.

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